The bad news: Adverse Drug Events (“ADEs”) are occurring far too frequently. As the population ages and modern medicine finds new ways to treat disease, the number of available prescription medications is exploding.

The complexity of our health care system doesn’t help. The days of seeing a family doctor who knew you by name and treated all of your ailments are long gone. We have primary care and specialists, nurse practitioners, clinics, emergency rooms as primary care facilities, and many other, less personal health care delivery mechanisms. So while the capability to treat ailments has improved dramatically, at the same time, health care has become more distant from the personalized care of the “the good old days.”

But it’s not all bad news: Things are happening to manage the complexity. Innovation. Products like MyCurrentMeds are designed to help make your personal health care information more portable. And important research is being done to help understand and tackle the causes of ADEs.

We all become more physically vulnerable as time takes it’s toll on our bodies. For many of us, increasing dependence on prescription medications is inevitable. Take control of your care. Make a plan for managing your medications, and be sure to include your loved ones and caretakers.