How To Use MyCurrentMeds

MyCurrentMeds Instructions

  • Place your name on the header insert of the MyCurrentMEDS and gently slide into the top sleeve.
  • Using the information on your current prescription bottles, fill out the inserts with doctor’s name, prescription information and time of day to be taken.
  • Gently slide the inserts into the unit from the RIGHT side until all pocket/sleeves are complete.
  • Select one pill (one dose) of your current medicine to be placed into the small pill pocket (small left side under flap) adjacent to the corresponding insert for that medication.
  • List any ALLERGIES/ALLERGIC reaction information on the ALLERGIC insert and gently insert into the bottom sleeve.

That’s it! Your MyCurrentMEDS reference tool is complete! Keep in a safe and accessible place, out of the reach of children. This reference guide is for personal use only.

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Is MyCurrentMEDs a pill dispenser?

MyCurrentMEDs is NOT a dispenser. It is designed to:

  • Help you manage you personal pillbox
  • Help you recognize the difference in shapes, colors and sizes of you won personal medications
  • Increases you confidence about handling and managing medications
  • Prevents confusion as to when to take your medicine and what dosage
  • Alerts medical personnel to possible allergies and medical devices (IE: pacemaker, artificial joints, etc) you may have
Is MyCurrentMEDs difficult to use?

No! myCurrentMEDs was designed to be easy to use. And it is! Simple instructions are included with the product. You can read the instructions online. We also have helpful videos you can watch.

What is an adverse drug event?

An adverse drug event (ADE) is an injury resulting from medical intervention related to a drug. This includes medication errors, adverse drug reactions, allergic reactions, and overdoses. ADEs can happen anywhere: In hospitals, long-term care settings, outpatient settings, during medical transport, and in the home.

How does MyCurrentMEDs help prevent ADEs?

Pills can be hard to identify visually. It's also easy to get confused by the difficult brand and generic names of drugs. And professional health care providers (EMTs, nurses, physicians assistants, even doctors) are often providing care where they simply do not have the needed info about a patient's prescription meds.

MyCurrentMEDS is a fast, easy reference for your current prescription medications. You or anyone who needs to can quickly identify the medications you are taking.