Our Story

Dedicated to Dorothy…

Dorothy lost her husband in 2002. She was determined to remain independent and live in her home. As a former secretary, Dorothy was always organized. However, as years passed, her daughter Debbie noticed that the pill box kept growing. This was a major cause of concern.

Debbie reviewed all of Dorothy’s prescriptions. She was alarmed to find some of the medications were identical drugs: Some name brand, others generic. Duplicate prescriptions, of which Dorothy wasn’t aware. She was taking both each day. A potentially dangerous situation. It was exacerbating her health problems.

Debbie set out to design a system to help Dorothy keep track of the medications. The result is the MyCurrentMEDS system, a patented product that anyone can use to safely organize their daily medications.

Once the proper medications were identified and in organized form, Dorothy could easily see the difference in the shapes, colors and sizes. Using the MyCurrentMEDS tool, Dorothy regained confidence in managing her daily medications and was able to properly manage the dose of each.

Sadly, Dorothy passed on in 2016. The MyCurrentMEDs system worked as it was intended to: Dorothy remained independent for years. It is our hope it can do the same for you and your loved ones.