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Innovative design helps you easily manage your prescription medications.

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The MyCurrentMEDS medication reference tool is an essential item for helping you and those who care for you remain completely aware of your medications and doses. Avoid confusion and dosage mistakes.

Your Medicines

A complete list of your medicines in an easy-to-read, visual reference guide.

Your Doses

Keep track of when and how you should take each of your medications.

Your Reference

For your health care providers, family members, caretakers and emergency responders.

Take control of your medications

Our easy and effective system puts you in control of your prescriptions!

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Trusted By So Many Customers

“The MyCurrentMeds tool was great for your Mom. We were able to treat her stroke symptoms knowing what she was taking. Also, we were able to call in to the Emergency Room on our way to the hospital. That information helped save her life.”



“This is a great tool! It works so well I ordered a second one for my mother-in-law. She  is 83 and loves it.”


“Whoever made this needs to get this out there. There are so many people who confuse their prescriptions and how to take them.”

An ICU nurse

“This has been very helpful for us and my husband and I no longer have to take a large ziplock bag of medicine bottles to the doctors’ office.”


“Taking this to the Dr. office saves writing or copying all medications. Every office I’ve been to has loved it!”

Pat H.